What do the young people of Belarus think?
Results of the sociological study of the Youth Bloc for April-May 2023
In the midst of the political crisis in Belarus, as well as the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine, the mood in the Belarusian society is especially polarized. Among others, the research of the views of young people, the most active and mobile group of the population, is of particular interest.

As part of our common activities, the research group of the Youth Bloc conducted a second wave of sociological research to find out what is the generation that has lived under Lukashenko's rule all, or almost all, of its conscious life.

The results of the previous, pilot study for 2022 can be found here.
Sample size: 841 respondents (margin of error is 3.4% with 95% confidence interval).
Online survey by self-filling the questionnaire.
Recruiting respondents through advertising on social media (VK, OK, FB, IG, Mail.ru).
The sample represents Belarusian youth (18-35 years old) who use the Internet.
Survey period:
April 4 – May 15 2023.
Because of the aforementioned characteristics of representativeness and specificity of recruitment, the sample is overrepresented in the urban population, men and people with higher education. Thus, the answers may be more protestful than in reality – these are the attitudes that are more often characteristic of the socio-demographic groups mentioned.

At the same time, the practice of using such samples shows that the data obtained were close to the results of surveys based on probability samples. Thus, despite the aforementioned features, the results of the survey reflect the main trends in the public opinion of Belarusian youth.
Main Conclusions:
  • 1
    Domestic Policy:
    • The majority of Belarusian youth (73%) are interested in politics. Although the attitude to the current authorities is mostly negative (58%), there is also no unequivocal support for the current opposition structures (46%).

    • Young people loosely associate themselves with the current state. Only a third of respondents (28%) believe that it protects their interests, about the same number trust state institutions.

    • In terms of the ratio of knowledge and trust among young people, mainly opponents of the current government lead the way. Political organizations: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya's Office, Kastuś Kalinoŭski Regiment, Cyberpartisans and ByPol. Politicians: Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Viktar Babaryka, Maria Kalesnikava, Pavel Latushka and Alexander Lukashenko.

    • At the same time, almost half of young people (44%) noted that they were not ready to protest. Among those who are ready, there is a prevailing interest in petitions, boycotts of goods, and symbolic street actions.
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    Foreign Policy:
    • The most popular among young people is the position of foreign policy neutrality of the country: both in the issue of Belarus' participation in the Russo-Ukrainian war (30%), and in the choice of the general orientation towards union with Russia or the EU integration (44%).
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    Satisfaction with Standard of Living:
    • In general, Belarusian youth are dissatisfied with living conditions in the country (59%). More than half believe that things in the country are going in the wrong direction (58%), and the majority are in favor of reforms (74%).

    • Among the problems of young people prevail problems associated with the political crisis and low standard of living: low wages (76%), high food prices (58%), unfair elections (55%) and human rights violations (55%).

    • There are fairly widespread attitudes toward migration: almost half (45%) would like to move to another country for permanent residence, and 15% are already taking particular actions to do so.
Full Data of the Research:
The mentioned above is only a part of the received data. Using the links below, you can see the full results of the study, both in the form of an analytical presentation and in the form of sheets (only Russian version, with a link to the original data array):
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